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I should really call this page converting the van part 2 as after starting work on my minibus I blew an O-ring, threw a piston and now the van is in the scrapyard in the sky. It's two months till I set off stilt walking John O'Groats to Lands End and my badly needed support vehicle is no more. With the amount of work and training I need to do to get this project off the ground trying to rustle up the cash for a new vehicle when I've got no work is more than depressing.

It's not just the fact of raising more capital thats getting me down It's having to find a full time job when I have no spare time. Needs must, however, so off to the last bastion of those desperatly strapped for cash, the Great British Call Centre.

Hopefully a month will cover the money I need as a friend has sold me his Iveco Daily, which as It's been affectionatly dubbed the " mobile squat " isn't costing me an arm and a leg.

After gutting the inside I have what I've wanted for years, a decent sized van I can do a real conversion on. I'm being a bit liberal with the word " I ", as I is really " we ". A good friend Steve from Dot Pine is giving up his weekend's and skill to help turn a toad into a prince. Knowing better than to get in the way of a pro I'm leaving the woodwork to Steve and I'm getting on with the bodywork and electrics. The whole van needs a re-wire not to mention putting in a split charge relay, wind turbine, solar panels, fridge, leisure battery's and of course pimping up some mood lights.

After the electric's then comes the plumbing, as I'm having a full fitted kitchen and the pise de resistance, a working bath. I'm running the gas appliances on butane and the bath water will be heated by a combination of gas, a solar shower and convecting water off a fire outside the van.

If you follow the Categories Links on the left of the page it will take you to all the separate parts of the van conversion. I'll keep adding to the pages as the work gets done, but things will change as I'm sure I'll have to iron out a few problems as time goes by. If I'm doing anything wrong by the way please drop me an email to set me on the straight and narrow.

All the best


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