Segway Entertainers

are a relatively new concept in Walkabout Entertainment and here and Dangerous Productions we aim to move with modern ideas and technologies. Dangerous Productions Olympic Podiums, Christmas Elves and Pirates Ho! Meet and Greet Acts are based on electric off road vehicles with a low carbon footprint.

The Segway costumes have a top speed of 12mph and travel equally well on both indoor and outdoor surfaces. Each costume has a 2 x 300 watt digital PA system with music, sound effects and commentary’s suitable for each costume. The music is simultaneously played by each costume over UHF transmitters.

All our costumes are made inhouse so if you have any special requests please feel free to Contact us.

You can also visit our sister site Pirates Ho! for further details.

Segway Performer's.


Pirates Ho!.

Pirates Ho! is a very successful and approachable Walkabout Act utilizing a combination of jokes, banter and shanty's played over their on board soundsystems.


The Olympic Podiums.

Designed for the Olympics, now bookable for race, track or sporting events. Anything where prize is given or competition is held. The pa is used to play race commentary's and rousing sporting songs.

Christmas Elves.

Our Christmas themed costumes have lights and themed decor and play a selection of popular Christmas songs.

  • Segway Performers

    Ramped or direct access is required to performance areas although this does not have to be in the event space itself. Also if entering / leaving buildings or areas a double / fire door would be required to allow access / egress to the vehicle's to perform the walkabout show.
  • A power supply away from the general public is essential to recharge between shows and a 40 minute break is required to recharge the vehicle’s battery’s. Ideally a changing room with table and chairs should be provided but if this is not possible then space for a 3m x 3m Gazebo would be necessary. A power supply with 3 pin sockets would still need to be provided for the act.
  • They perform three forty minute sets a day as a Walkabout Act in a per-defined entertainment area.