Fake Paparazzi

provide an essential atmosphere for opening nights and product launches. Dangerous Productions Fake Paparazzi will make your guests feel like Hollywood Film Stars.

DSLR quality photographs are taken throughout the event which are then edited back at the office and posted to the client on a CD after the event. They come in dressed authentic 1950's period style or a modern spoof paparazzi look and are a crowd pleaser. Everyone likes the fantasy of fame! From a couple of reporters to a whole gaggle of Fake Paparazzi with cameras flashing, cheeky, in your face or simply there to raise the profile of your event.

sPOOF Paparazzi.

fake paparazzi

1950'S Paparazzi.

Our Spoof Paparazzi are dreseed in authentic 1050's attire and although they have period style camera's thede contain modern DSLR Camera's.

Fake Paparazzi

Modern Paparazzi.

Alternatively we can provide amore modern Papparazzi feel when you do not want the guests at an event to know that they are not the real press .


We have worked closely with lots of modern lookalike, please contact us as to availabiity.

Fake Paparazzi.

kids Paparazzi

Product Launce's.

We find the Fake Paparazzi are very popular with product launches and re-furbeshments. Pictured here outside Frankie's and Benny's Restaraunt chain.

Nighttime paparazzi

Private Events.

Also bookable for private events and nightclubs as Fake Paarazzi or just modern Event Photographerss.
red carpet paparazzi

Red Carpet.

We can also provide a 3m Red Carpet and, Balustrades and poles to really give that Hollywood feel to an event.

Fake Papparazzi

Dangerous also provide a modern style spoof paparazzi, as a lot of corporate events use modern look-alikes, we can also source the look-alikes for your event as well.

Whether using a 1950's hack or a more modern style of event phtography we always take real digital photographs which can be uploaded and viewed on an online gallery or given on CD.

A new gallery site has just been started which hosts photographs that our paparazzi have taken, you can view a sample gallery from the Microsoft Live Search shoot.